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You’re on my crew.

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Jane tweeted me last night (and I only found out a second ago). Gosh I love Jane. What’s not to love about this tweet, right? [x]

Jane tweeted me last night (and I only found out a second ago). Gosh I love Jane. What’s not to love about this tweet, right? [x]

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Character development at its finest.
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i’m so sorry


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OUAT S3E18 'Bleeding Through'

Written by: Jane Espenson and Daniel T. Thomson

Directed by: Romeo Tirone

Another fantastic episode written by the ever reliable Jane Espenson (co-written by Daniel T.Thomson). This episode has all the elements that makes Once Upon a Time so great. Terrific character development, twists on beloved stories, and great acting.

It all gels together so well. Regina has so much needed redemptive moments with Belle and most importantly with Snow which have been three seasons in the making. Rose McGowan returns as young Cora giving another wonderful performance. She mimics Hershey’s mannerisms as well as mixed with her own nuances giving an amazing performance. Even Eva Bourne channels Ginnifer Goodwin in her performance as young Princess Eva.

At last we learn the true depth of Zelena’s endgame but not what plan she has for Snow’s new child. Mader is nailing it as the Wicked Witch because she really has truly nothing to lose but potentially to everything to gain.

As the show reaches the final few episodes of the season. It it’s important to note how good it’s gotten again. It’s making up for an uneven (if underrated) second season that lacked focus and was plot heavy at times.

This season has reminded me how much I love these characters and their mixed up fairytale lives and pasts. I’m looking forward to these final few episodes and where the show goes in the future. 

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The best show ever.

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Who the fuck wrote tonight’s episode of OUAT?

Cause it was pretty fucking perfect and I need to know who wrote it.

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