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Did Rumple call Belle Mrs. Carlton? Is that his last name? Rumplestilskin Carlton? Did I hear that correctly?


No but seriously he called her “Mrs. Gold.” I think you might want to look into getting a new TV. ;-) Or a new hearing aid. 

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Headcanon: Belle wasn’t hiking when she found the mansion, she was purposely looking for an unused place that had no connection to either her or Rumple, so no one could find and interrupt them.

Head canon accepted

The thing is, she must have found it while Zelena was still around. Was she maybe looking for Rumple at the time?

My head canon is that she was looking for Rumple when she found it. The fact that she went in and looked through every room (how else does she know that they all have a view of the ocean?) tells me that she went room to room looking for something. It wouldn’t make sense if she was just looking for an empty loveshack. She could just watch and see if anybody went there at all without having to break in the first time.

I feel like it would be irresponsible for her to be hiking around the forest when their is an evil witch and flying monkies wanting to kill and/or use her.

There doesn’t seem to be too much time between her finding out Rumple is alive and going to the farmhouse.

She said she thought it came over “after the new curse”.  But as midstorm said, doesn’t seem very clever of her to go walking out there with people disappearing and such - unless it really was in those first days, before they figured out Zelena was behind it. Perhaps she was looking for those people instead?

(Personally, I have no headcanon about it. I just find it sloppy writing on Adam and Eddy’s behalf. Let’s give Belle hiking as a new hobby, since the shoes she wears in every episode are so amazing for hiking. -__- They needed to introduce a plot point to Rumplestiltskin, and so they use Belle to do it, even if it’s out of character. Nothing new really. Those writers…)

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or will we forever only be pretending?

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endless list of animated characters: 2/∞
Chel - “Think you’re the only ones who dream of better things? Of adventure? You’ve got your reasons and I’ve got mine.”
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Don’t tell me you didn’t have the same thought while you were watching this scene.

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I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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OUAT going a little meta.

Can…can we use force?

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