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you have no idea how excited I am to see Toph. 

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Looking for more blogs to follow

I love tons of fandoms… But what I want to see more of, is the following:

  • Disney
  • Dreamworks animation
  • Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra
  • Marvel movies! (X-Men, Avengers etc.)
  • Star Trek

Like or reblog and I will come to check you out! :-)

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Looking for cool blogs to follow!

My dash is kind of… mweh. At least at the moment. I need folks who post and/or reblog a lot of graphics of my favourite fandoms. Here are a few:

- 2D and 3D animation (Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, etc.)
- Once Upon a Time
- Sherlock
- Merlin
- Star Wars
- Star Trek
- LOTR and The Hobbit
- Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender

And that’s about it! :-D If you reblog one or more of these things a lot, then please like or reblog this post so I can come and check you out! 

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Looking for blogs to follow - reblog and I’ll check you out!

Whether you’re multifandom or just post about one or two of these fandoms, reblog this and I’ll come check you out. :-)

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender + Legend of Korra
  • Harry Potter
  • Disney, Ghibli and other 2D Animated Movies
  • Marvel (Avengers + X-Men)
  • Sherlock
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Merlin
  • Star Trek
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3000 Posts Celebration! + Looking for blogs to follow

So I passed my 3000th post today! For those of you wondering, here are some statistics:

  • I have 230 followers
  • I have over 200 things in my queue
  • My queue is set to post 50 items a day
  • I’m following 147 blogs myself
  • I have liked 14 000 posts
  • My blog was created in december last year
  • I’ve only really become active in june
  • This is my most reblogged post, with over a 1000 notes

I’m looking for new blogs to follow! I’m a multifandom blog myself, but I would not mind following a blog which isn’t multifandom. Here is a list of the top 5 fandoms I want to see more of on my dash:

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender + Legend of Korra
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Trek
  • Disney, Ghibli and other 2D Animated Movies
  • Marvel (Avengers + X-Men)

I am also a massive fan of Merlin, Once Upon a Time and Pirates of the Caribbean - but in my opinion I already have enough people on my dash that reblog that, so it’s cool if you like that too, but not necessary.

Please reblog this if you want me to check out your blog and then I will!

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Here ya go Knut! Hope you enjoy your eye candy! :-) Nice beard.

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A Korrlok video… Some might have seen it before, but I am uploading it to Tumblr now because youtube took it offline.

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Those bastards of Viacom…

They took down “Believe in Me” from youtube. It was my latest Korrlok video. -___- I still have 3 other Korrlok vids on youtube, but am afraid that they will also delete them soon and that I’ll get banned with my account. Or something.

Am I the only one that’s getting trouble from Viacom? I remember that back in the days of ATLA, all my ATLA videos were removed from youtube in a matter of weeks. And then I hurried over to Livevideo to post them there, but they no longer exist now, so yeah… Maybe I should just post the video on Tumblr then? Not sure.

But just here to check if I’m the only one or if there’s more of you out there that get their LoK videos taken offline on youtube? I’m just worrying now.

Sail your seaMeet your stormAll I wantIs to be your harbor
[A Korroh wallpaper for my latest follower x—gioka. :-) Taking requests from my followers today.]

Sail your sea
Meet your storm
All I want
Is to be your harbor

[A Korroh wallpaper for my latest follower x—gioka. :-) Taking requests from my followers today.]

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Request Day!!!

Alright Fellow-Tumblrs! It’s time to celebrate! During the last week, I reached the magical number of a 100 followers and it’s already up to 113 now - I am very happy with you all stalking following me!

I’ve also had several image sets reach over a 100 notes - with a couple of them even crossing over the 400-notes mark! (Wow.)

So today, I am taking requests from my followers! (And only from them.) I will make about 5 things, I suppose. And then I’ll go bake cookies. Yup.

I can make stuff of Legend of Korra, Harry Potter, Merlin, Rumbelle, Beauty and the Beast or Pirates of the Caribbean. Just let me know which characters you would like to see and what sort of thing you want me to make. (Imageset - wallpaper - labels)

You can also inspire me by giving me a color to work with, or lyrics you like, or just send me a general feeling (romance, angst, fluff… whatever) - or send me 3 of those things and I’ll see which ones work and which ones don’t. ;-) You can also just ask several different things at once and then I’ll just make whatever I like to do at that moment. :-)

Alright? My askbox is open now! :-)

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The Legend of Korra GIF Challenge
Well, since Chloe was doing it and I like these things… :-D

Challenge: Use every 3rd GIF [I chose them all from my GIF folder]. No cheating! 

1. Reaction when your friends make it to Air Temple Island

2. Reaction to Meelo’s crush on Asami

I don’t seem to realize the awkwardness of the situation.

3. Reaction When Ikki tells Asami that you like Mako

See how it’s pointing to Mako’s name? Yup. What the fuck is that? I would never crush on Mako. XD Yuk.

4. What you think of the new chief of police

5. Tarrlok mocks your airbending, calling you “half-baked”

I’m not sure, but I think it’s arousing me.

6. Your friends cheer you up

7. Your reaction to Meelo’s fartbending

ROFL. Accurate. XD

8. Reaction to Asami’s satomobile

9. Reaction to the car chase

10. Bolin’s messy hair

11. Mako lightening bends

12. Reaction when Mako helps you into the car


13. Tarrlok imprisons your friends as well as a bunch of innocent non-benders

14. The Chief of Police won’t release them

15. Sneaking out to find your friends

16. You intense fight against Tarrlok

I agree cause we should be making love instead.

17. Reaction to Tarrlok’s ability to bloodbend

Apparantly I did not see it coming.

18. Tarrlok sends you away to “somewhere no one will find you”.

<3 I do! :-D

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Fandom Quiz

Choose your top five fandoms:

1. Legend of Korra
2. Merlin
3. Harry Potter
4. Beauty and the Beast
5. Pirates of the Caribbean

The First Character you fell in love with:

1. General Iroh
2. Merlin
3. Snape
4. Beast
5. Norrington

The Character you never expected to love (but did anyway):

1. Tarrlok!!! (strong feelings!!)
2. Uther
3. Longbottom
4. Gaston
5. Barbossa (very strong feelings!!)

The character you’re most alike:

1. Bolin
2. Morgana
3. Luna
4. Belle
5. Norrington

The character you’d slap:

1. MAKO! *bitchslap*
2. Arthur (for not realizing Merlin has magic after 4 seasons. XD)
3. James Potter
4. Monsieur d’Arque

Five favorite characters (in order):

1. Tarrlok, Amon, Korra, Lin Beifong, Bolin
2. Morgana, Merlin, Gwaine, Arthur, Uther
3. Snape, Luna, Hermione, Neville, Lucius
4. Beast, Belle, Lumiere, Gaston, Chip
5. Barbossa, Davy Jones, Tia Dalma, Jack Sparrow, Pintell and Ragetti (they count as one!)

Your OTP:

1. Korrlok = Korra + Tarrlok
2. Mergana = Merlin + Morgana
3. Snuna = Snape + Luna
4. Belle + Beast
5. Norribeth = Norrington + Elizabeth

A Pairing you love but not your OTP:

1. Borra (Bolin + Korra), Irosami (Iroh + Asami), also Amorra (Amon + Korra) and Lieumon (Lieutenant + Amon)
2. Merthur (Merlin + Arthur, I love them.)
3. Hermione + Snape (forgot the short name for it. Oh dear.)
4. Belle + Gaston
5. Davy Jones + Tia Dalma (though I love them almost as much as Norribeth.)

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I wanted to point out three things about these images.

1. weights - no wonder why Bolin is so muscly! (Well, Mako too I suppose, Bolin just more! I bet he uses them more than Mako.)
2. poor boys! They have rips in their undershirts!! Too poor to buy new ones…
3. that attic is just amazing and I want to live there. But I would expect it to be rather cold, it’s snowing outside and there are large windows on all sides! I don’t really get how it can not be cold, having grown up in a house that had some large windows myself. It was always cold in winters. (So I don’t get why they are wearing so little, haha.)

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Kick-ass Korra

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Once we were friends. // Some angsty/angry Linzin from episode 1.

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